Call for Papers!

3265 days ago

Local Culture seeks the submission of undergraduate essays for its upcoming edition. Submission length should range from 1,500 to 8,000 words (approximately 5 to 20 pages, double-spaced). We welcome discussions related to any issue of sustainability or ecology, including but certainly not limited to arguments favoring/opposing a piece of ecological legislation, commentaries on environmental writers or works, interviews with figures in the contemporary sustainability movement, personal or narrative essays, research essays on the ecological views of an historical or philosophical figure, accounts of the sustainable (or unsustainable) practices of foreign cultures, works on environmental/sustainable economics and politics, non-technical scientific essays, local histories, appreciation pieces on lesser-known writers or artists from your area, and pieces related to any question of sustainability generally.

Submissions should be consistently formatted and documented, conforming to the style manual appropriate to the discipline within which the work is written.

Submissions for the upcoming edition of Local Culture are due Sunday, May 23. Please email your submissions or queries to the editorial board of Local Culture at


Local Culture Journal - Winter 2009-10

3265 days ago

Click here to read the Winter 2009-10 Issue of Local Culture.

Editor-in-Chief: Nick Borchert

Editorial Board: Kate O’Connor, Katie Fick, Dana Swanson, Margaret Foley, Lindsey Haines, and Jaron Gaier

Advisor: Jason Peters

Featured in this issue:

“Mow Jobs, Monocultures, and Marking Turf: The Gendered and Ecologically Fragmented American Suburban Lawn”
Hannah Rivenburgh, Macalester College

“Destroying Ground-Landlord Spirituality: Implications of Modernism and Mobility on Place in Howards End
Dana Swanson, Augustana College

“A Case Study: The Impacts of the James Bay Hydropower Complex”
Laurence Deschamps-Laporte, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Revolutions of Destruction”
Tim Faith, Augustana College


Local Culture Journal — Winter 2008-09

3702 days ago

Editor-in-Chief: Aaron Schroeder

Editorial Board: Emily Dunn, Megan Renne, Kathrine O’Connor, Ross Jallo, Kimberly Hernandez, Lindsey Haines, Margaret Foley

Advisor: Jason Peters


How Local Can You Be?
Allissa Morson, Carleton College
Winter08 Morson.pdf

Desertification in the Western Sahel
Ashley Blazina, Knox College
Winter08 Blazina.pdf

The 1175
Benjamin Sanberg, Augustana College (IL)
Winter08 Sanberg.pdf

American Food Systems in Grinnell, Iowa
Sam Foreman, Grinnell College
Winter08 Foreman.pdf

Green School Design
Stephanie Dilling, Augustana College (IL)
Winter08 Dilling.pdf