Notes from the Glebe

The Much-Delayed First Augie Acres Glebe

Jul 15, 12:53 PM

Where to start?

It’s been two months since becoming the caretaker for Augie Acres, Augustana’s campus garden, and I’ve spent many hours picking (fruits and vegetables), pulling (weeds – mostly crabgrass), pushing (wheelbarrows), pruning (tomatoes), and praying (for the natural death of vermin). It’s been a summer full of near-perfect weather for the garden on 6th Avenue – I’ve only had to water once – and only yesterday did it really feel the 90-something degrees Fahrenheit. We’ve had a variety of volunteers for “Pickin’ and Pullin’ Fridays at Augie Acres” – plenty of students, faculty members and their children, and local community members have come to weed, chat, and lend a miscellaneous hand. We took out all the Burdock around the Cottonwood tree. We cleared the vineyard hill. We put up a fence. We’ve done our best with the Japanese Beetles that prey on the fruit trees.

And I’ve succesfully procrastinated this blog for long enough – but no more! I’m going to try and make this a regular deal, at least once a week. I find myself having something to say every once and a while, as I’m ankle-deep in mud, or eyeing down seven – yes, seven – groundhogs, or wheelbarrowing produce to the Farmers’ Market, or bicycling home.

So, hear from me soon.


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