Local Culture Journal - Winter 2009-10

Apr 14, 03:23 PM

Click here to read the Winter 2009-10 Issue of Local Culture.

Editor-in-Chief: Nick Borchert

Editorial Board: Kate O’Connor, Katie Fick, Dana Swanson, Margaret Foley, Lindsey Haines, and Jaron Gaier

Advisor: Jason Peters

Featured in this issue:

“Mow Jobs, Monocultures, and Marking Turf: The Gendered and Ecologically Fragmented American Suburban Lawn”
Hannah Rivenburgh, Macalester College

“Destroying Ground-Landlord Spirituality: Implications of Modernism and Mobility on Place in Howards End
Dana Swanson, Augustana College

“A Case Study: The Impacts of the James Bay Hydropower Complex”
Laurence Deschamps-Laporte, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Revolutions of Destruction”
Tim Faith, Augustana College


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