Local Culture Journal — Winter 2008-09

Feb 01, 01:48 PM

Editor-in-Chief: Aaron Schroeder

Editorial Board: Emily Dunn, Megan Renne, Kathrine O’Connor, Ross Jallo, Kimberly Hernandez, Lindsey Haines, Margaret Foley

Advisor: Jason Peters


How Local Can You Be?
Allissa Morson, Carleton College
Winter08 Morson.pdf

Desertification in the Western Sahel
Ashley Blazina, Knox College
Winter08 Blazina.pdf

The 1175
Benjamin Sanberg, Augustana College (IL)
Winter08 Sanberg.pdf

American Food Systems in Grinnell, Iowa
Sam Foreman, Grinnell College
Winter08 Foreman.pdf

Green School Design
Stephanie Dilling, Augustana College (IL)
Winter08 Dilling.pdf


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