Local Culture is an online journal published by and for undergraduates who share a common interest in sustainable human practices.

We understand a “local” culture to be the means by which a community built to human scale preserves itself and its place. Members of a local culture care for themselves and one another, for their land and air and water, not only by local knowledge and skill but also by restraint and virtue, by justice and mercy, and by the principles of economic cooperation.

Based at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, “Local Culture” is the name adopted by students who wish to think and act locally. Their work currently includes, in addition to this journal, housing renewal projects intended to retrofit houses for energy efficiency and for occupancy by students committed to living locally, and an on-campus urban garden intended to teach students to be active members of the food economy.

Call for Submissions 

Local Culture seeks the submission of essays, news, reviews, and photographs, and all unsolicited submissions must be the work of undergraduates.  Submissions should concern some aspect of cultural or ecological sustainability.

All submissions must include the author’s name, academic affiliation, and year in school. Send submissions or queries electronically to Jaron Gaier, Editor-in-Chief, Local Culture, at localculture@augustana.edu. All submissions will be subject to blind review.
 Information concerning each type of submission is available on its respective page.